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Experience a Spectacular visual re-invention of space for your moment in time under these tents.

Wolfkop Marquee Tent Hire and Manufacturers has been, and still is, a leading company in the industry for already five years with a wide range of tents in all colours and sizes.

Our visually striking tents are made from only the best stretch material and is 100% waterproof. This makes it easy to erect anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors (beaches, gardens, galleries, conference centres), among trees or rocky areas. We can open up the sides or have it closed and form different shapes. Branding options are also available.

When hiring:

We include all rigging materials and setup is done by our very own trusted team of professionals. This way you can be certain that a great job will be done. Not only do we provide the tent, but we can provide you with lighting as well as dance floors, this makes us your one stop shop.

When buying:

With us you have 2 choices:
We have many sizes and colours already available to choose from,
You can have a Bedouin tent tailor made to your specific needs in any shape, colour or size.

You are guaranteed of our ongoing support and research in the stretch tent industry. Each of our tents include a protective bag and ground sheet in the same size as the tent itself. This will protect it and ensure a longer lifespan.

Our prices are highly competitive and we will beat any written quotes. Please enquire with us for an personalised quote.


Tel: +27 (0) 83 775-0144
Fax: +27 (0) 86 617-5868
Website: www.wolfkopmarqueetenthire.co.za

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Wolfkop Camping Villages

Wolfkop Camping Villages
Wolfkop Camping Villages
Wolfkop Camping Villages
Wolfkop Camping Villages
Wolfkop Camping Villages




Leading company in the industry


100% waterproof


Can be erected anywhere indoors or outdoors


Branding options available


Rigging and setup included


Optional lighting and dance floors provided