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Reknowned for its expanses of space and it's burst of colour in Spring with the wild flowers, the Northern Cape has blazing summer sunshine and unique wedding venues.

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Diamond Fields Wedding Venues

Areas include Hartswater, Kimberley, Warrenton, Barkly West and surrounds.
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Kalahari Wedding Venues

The Kalahari is a semi-arid region of South Africa and stretches from the Orange River into Botswana and parts of Namibia.
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Green Kalahari Wedding Venues

The Green Kalahari boasts the almighty Orange River which turns the arid landscape into lush green. The fertile valley is a striking area for a wedding reception.
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Namaqualand Wedding Venues

Namakwa extends from the Atlantic Ocean to Pofadder and is a hotspot for tourists in Spring when the area transforms into a blaze of colour when the wild flowers appear.
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Upper Karoo Wedding Venues

The Upper Karoo has a healthy climate which transforms into life after the rains. Areas include Colesberg, Gariep Dam and Sutherland.
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Sweetfontein Farm Lodge Sweetfontein Farm Lodge

A Karoo experience synonymous with blissful and transforming tranquillity.

Britstown Wedding Venue

Capacity: 20 - 250 guests
Chapel: Up to 150 guests
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Karoo Gariep Wedding Venue Karoo Gariep Wedding Venue

Combine a Karoo Farm experience with some wildlife like buffalo and hippos.

Hanover Wedding Venue

Capacity: 20 - 180 guests
Chapel: Chapel or garden ceremonies
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The Venue The Venue

The Venue is specially designed to provide you with everything to make the occasion a success.

Hartswater Wedding Venue

Capacity: 60 - 300 guests
Chapel: Gardens / Veranda.
60 - 300 guests
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